Loyalty Home Inspections, LLC


In addition to residential inspections, Loyalty Home Inspections, LLC also provides commercial property inspection services. When in the market to buy, lease, or manage commercial properties, it’s important to have professional resources to assist you. Loyalty Home Inspections will enable you to make informed decisions in your investment or business.

Commercial Property inspections cover all major systems of a residential property at a greater scale to include the parking area, detached assets and common areas. No property is too large or small.

  • Industrial
  • Multi-family
  • Restaurant
  • Hotel – Motel
  • Retail
  • Church

  • Office(s)
  • Medical
  • Day Care
  • Gas Station
  • Multi-use

Commercial Lease: Before signing a commercial lease, allow Loyalty Home Inspections to limit your risk and liability with a rental property/ tenant inspection. Entering into this kind of agreement without knowing the property’s condition is risky. One problem — such as a roof leak or a failing HVAC system — could end up costing tens of thousands of dollars. In addition, there is the loss of your business operations and profits. This simple service will help prime your business for success with a thorough inspection report that’s ready for negotiations.

Multi-family Apartments and Condos: Purchasing an apartment or condo complex is a major investment. You need an up-to-date evaluation of the building(s). Knowing these details before signing on the dotted line will enable you to make an informed decision. Let Loyalty Home Inspections put their expertise to work for you.

Commercial property owner: Want a maintenance or pre-sale inspection for your commercial/ multi-family building? Every owner of a commercial property needs to know the condition of the property they own for safety, property improvements and/or preventative maintenance. Want to maximize your profits or minimize surprises before you sell, then order a Loyalty Home Inspection.

If you’re not sure of the overall state of any commercial property and want to save time and money, then we urge you to enlist our professional commercial inspection service. Loyalty Home Inspections, LLC uses HomeGauge inspection software to generate a detailed, full-color digital inspection report that you can access using your smartphone, tablet, or computer. You’ll find high-resolution images, notes on our findings, and video explanations as needed. The report is available within 48 hours (most cases is less than 24 hours), details any defects found during the inspection, and makes clear what their significance is.

Your home inspection report includes a Create Request List, which allows you to make a list of the inspection findings that need to be addressed. The clear-cut addendum to the report will help keep your transaction process moving by easing communications between buyers, sellers, and real estate agents.