Loyalty Home Inspections, LLC


The purchase of a multifamily home can be a great way to generate rental income and build equity in a commercial property. While the rewards can be higher, the stakes are higher too. The infrastructure and the systems that support the building can be larger and more complex, and quite possibly more expensive to maintain and replace. An inspection can be a small investment with large dividends.

The building Inspection will reduce the risk of costly surprises with what is likely to be a significant business decision. My goal is to help you feel secure and confident about your decision by being more informed and educated about the property. Multifamily includes any building from a duplex to office building, to condo/ apartment building, to a whole building complex. Loyalty Home Inspections, LLC is designed to meet the specific needs of the investor(s) and scope of the project with professional specialists joining the inspection team as needed. Other professional specialist could include, but not limited to elevator, stucco, termite, radon, fire sprinkler system, additional home inspectors and more so a thorough inspection is completed in a timely manner.

Multifamily inspections are performed efficiently while respecting tenants, and at competitive prices. Special attention is paid to the life-cycles of major elements allowing investors to more accurately estimate operating costs and safety concerns.

Pricing is dependent on the property’s square footage and complexity of systems. A walk through of the property may be necessary to provide you with a more accurate price quote and the description of the inspection can be discussed.

Loyalty Home Inspections, LLC uses Home Gauge Home Inspection software to report the defects found during the inspection complete with high definition photos, videos, and other attachments, and deliver them to you anywhere in the world with a click of the computer mouse. You can click on the photo to enlarge the photos and view the videos with surprising clarity. You can book, view, print and comment on your Home Inspection and report. No more lengthy emails and attachments to fill your email inbox. You and your agent (with your permission) are sent a link, user name and password that takes you straight to the report.