Loyalty Home Inspections, LLC


Also known as Pre-delivery Inspections. New Construction Home Inspections are for people who have purchased a newly built home and the construction is completed (utilities and water are on, etc.) and the buyer has the option (or requirement, depending upon how the real estate contract is written) to inspect the property prior to closing or settlement.

A new-construction inspection is much like a warranty inspection except for the fact that the building and its systems are, in fact, new. Whereas a warranty inspection can apply to re-sale homes that offer a warranty, new-construction inspections are specifically designed for homes that have never been lived-in. Though new homes do not have the wear and tear on them that a re-sale home may, various contractors associated with the construction may have made mistakes whether by accident (unable to oversee dozens of workers at a time) or intentionally (such as taking "shortcuts" to finish the job faster or under-budget). A new-construction inspection provides you with an unbiased review by the inspector who acts as an objective and knowledgeable observer on your behalf with your best intentions to identify construction related, safety related, and installation related issues with home systems and structures.

These inspections generally takes place up to a week before your closing, and they generally allow buyers the first opportunity to inspect their new home. Additionally, the inspection is to ensure that all terms of the contract have been met, that the home is substantially completed, and that major items are in working order.

Along with a representative of the builder (generally the construction supervisor or foreman), the buyers may be accompanied by a home inspector of their choice. Any noted defects are added to a punch list for completion prior to closing. Often a second inspection (re-inspection) is conducted to ensure that the defects have been corrected.

Loyalty Home Inspections, LLC also identifies imperfections and items that should be repaired or replaced that are not a defect, but it's your new home and everything inside and out should be in "new" condition. Loyalty Home Inspections, LLC have found countless major and safety defects during new construction home inspections. We also identify defects that are minor to repair now, but could cost thousands in 2 to 5 years. Now is the time to identify these defects.

A warranty inspection should also be conducted eleven months out on a one year warranty with a newly built home.