Loyalty Home Inspections, LLC


Pre-Purchase inspections of existing homes are the most common type of inspection, which is for people who have found a home they wish to purchase from another owner. The home inspection provides the buyer with peace of mind and some awareness as to the condition of the home and what, if any, corrections or repairs may be needed. The main focus is major and safety defects. The buyer should ALWAYS consider a home inspection before they purchase a home. Even a newly constructed home or total remodel by a professional contractor should be inspected by a third party inspector. Many times when a home is built the same inspector does all of the phase inspections. This is where another set of trained eyes is valuable.

If you are buying the home "AS IS", such as an estate sale, foreclosure, or a bank owned property, you most certainly should get a home inspection to make sure you are aware of the defects and how serious they may or may not be, unless you are going to tear the building down and start new, but before you move in, then you should have a home inspection. It is important that you are informed on your investment. Having a home inspection prior to your purchase and the choice of your home inspector; is your right. No home inspection or an incomplete inspection could be an expensive mistake.