Loyalty Home Inspections, LLC


Home warranty inspections are for people who have purchased and are already living in a newly constructed home and the builder's warranty is still in effect (usually a builder's warranty is one year). Often initiate a "warranty" on a house for a period of one year or longer is designed to cover the costs to repair systems and structural-related problems during the warranty period. It is used to take advantage of the features and benefits of your home warranty to assure that necessary repairs guaranteed under your warranty are executed should damage or problems be discovered. A warranty inspection on a one year warranty should be conducted at the eleventh month mark; one month before the warranty has expired so that you can address repairable issues with the builder while the warranty is still in-force. Otherwise, you may be fully liable for the repair costs on your own should you allow the warranty to expire prior to discovering defects. You shouldn’t wait until the eleventh month to schedule your inspection due to the inspector’s schedule and sometimes the builder wants a representative to be present for the inspection and coordinating all three (including yours) schedules could delay the inspection.

The inspection may show latent defects not visible prior to occupancy. This inspection can be very useful for the owner to provide the builder with documentation of the concerns found during the inspection. Some builders require a warranty inspection “punch list” to be completed. Loyalty Home Inspections, LLC can conduct your warranty inspection and assist you with any portion of the “punch list” that is associated with the inspection.